Thursday, August 29

Weekend? Is That You?

Mindy Kaling Lipgloss Quote Psyched
This quote is literally motivating me to get through the next two days.  Yesterday, I took a sick day and sat on my couch watching Madmen for about 5 hours straight.  

Yep. That happened.  

And it was all I could do this morning to finally get out of bed at approximately 11:00 AM in order to be at work at noon.  I decided to buck up, put my greasy hair into a bun (but a styled bun... I even teased my hair for a little volume! Classy.), put on some mascara, a REAL outfit, and dragged my tired bum to work.

Sometimes, you've literally got to follow my homegirl Mindy's advice.  And this weekend, I'm planning of making the most of my 3 days of freedom and enjoy Express's 40% off sale, cook some delicious food, and spend an entire day at the GIGANTIC Smiths down the street from our house. (Seriously, that store is going to get a post of it's own here soon). 

Friday is tomorrow, and I am PSYCHED!

P.S. I just got this book in the mail. $4 on eBay. Hardcover.  BOOM. Sure love me some Tina Fey!


  1. You have figured out the key to success! "Fake it 'til you make it!" And I LOVE you to death! I've been saying "pull up your big girl underwear and get to work

  2. Express 40% off=Happy Lyss. Let's discuss our findings soon, yes??