Monday, August 26

Oh, Hey Monday!

Can you believe it's already Monday again?  I swear, this weekend flew by.  But really, time always flies when you're having fun, right?

Also, I don't have any pictures for today's post.  Sorry!

Trevor and I were able to spend a night in the great outdoors over the weekend!  It was the annual Robertson reunion - my mother's family - and it was a blast, as usual.  These family gatherings never disappoint, with many pranks on/from my aunts and uncles, a lot of operatic singing, and about a hundred rambunctious kids.  To me, that's home, and it was so great to spend Friday and Saturday at Heber Valley Camp with those great people.

We are finally settling into our new home.  It was actually nice to return "home" after a trip into the woods. Last week we took several trips to Ikea - which is only a short 10 minute drive from our house! Eeek! - and grabbed some necessities such as night stands, a dresser, and a TV stand.  I had been warned by many people about visiting Ikea as a married couple.  I'm pretty sure we got into our first married argument that day... and our second.  But really, once we had everything set up and were admiring our hard work, all was forgotten. Ohhh, the beauty of twue wuv.

Getting into a routine can be rough, but I'm pretty happy with our current arrangement.  Trevor likes to do laundry, which is fine with me.  I get to cook and organize, and he does the dishes.  We'll see how long that consistency lasts, as I'm sure as life gets busier we'll both have to be helping out with whatever during whatever times we have available, but I'm liking our low key life at the moment.

Anyway, I'm sure this life of mine is super interesting.  Can't wait to start planning posts again! Keep an eye out for some of my favorite fashion finds and highlights of some of my favorite blogs, movies, recipes, etc.  

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