Wednesday, August 29

Happy BeLATEd Birthday, T-Rev!

As I mentioned in a previous post, it was Trevor's birthday two Wednesdays ago (the 15th).  Now, this guy really deserves a post of his own.  Seriously, he's pretty awesome. I mean, really, just look at him!

Good As Gold Blog

I crush on him like Aaron Carter in the 90's.

For those of you who don't know, Trev & I have been dating for a little over a year.  A few things about Trev? 
He's the bees knees.  
He is so. stinkin. funny.  
He is the smartest person I know.  
He's a go-getter.  
He doesn't settle for adequate.
He's extremely patient.
He's goo-hood lookin.
.... etc. etc.

I'd love to write a post up on our story & how I tricked him into our first date, but I'll save that for another day.

For now, Happy Birthday Trev!

Love you as much as two rockets going opposite ways in space.

Tuesday, August 28


Thank you to everyone who has followed my blog and entered to win my first ever giveaway!  I'm so excited to do more giveaways in the future!  This honestly was super tough, even though I used the random number generator. I want to give away 20 Birchbox subscriptions, but unfortunately I can only do one! I guess this can only mean more giveaways to come!!

I know, I know, you're all saying "C'Mon, Becca! Cut to the chase!"  Guys, I'm just really nervous for this, and I'm babbling.  Very sorry!

Now! Without Further Ado....

The winner of the first ever Good as Gold Giveaway Is...


Good As Gold Blog
Good As Gold Giveaway

Congrats Kristi! 

Send me an email ( ) with your address and I'll order your subscription!

To everyone who entered, Thanks Again!  Having so many people respond is encouraging me to do more giveaways! Yay!

I Never Grieve Over Summer

... and this is why.

Fall Yankee Candles

Halloween Wreath

Candied Apples

Good As Gold Blog

Good As Gold Bloc

I may be jumping the gun, but I love fall!  I love the smell of the leaves, the cool air, spicy candles, a hot Mocha Chai from Starbucks, etc., etc.

I seriously cannot wait wait wait!

Monday, August 27

Giveaway & Sketchy iPhone

Happy Monday, everyone!

I'm so excited to have gained some new followers due to this giveaway! 


Normally on Mondays, I have my weekend update with pictures from our adventures, but this weekend was extremely 'chill', so we really didn't get any good pics in.  Also, my iPhone keeps giving me this message:

iPhone Issues

No matter how many photos & videos I delete, it stays there to mock me.

Anyone know how to fix this? I only have about 100 photos on my 8 GB iPhone, and my storage says I have 4 Gigs left.. c'mon Apple!  

I'm hoping to have this fixed soon so I can (conveniently) take more pics! Help!

**Also!  The winner of the Birchbox Giveaway will be announced TOMORROW!  This is your last chance to get more entries by sharing via Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, etc.  Let me know what you did by commenting on the giveaway post!**

Come back tomorrow for a winner & Good Luck! 


Thursday, August 23


I have a very important update to my
Good As Gold Birchbox Giveaway!

I've had a few fellow bloggers suggest that I allow an additional submission for each time a follower shares this Giveaway on their blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. & to be quite honest, I think that's an AMAZING idea.  

So please, if you share my giveaway, leave another comment for each of the places you share my post.  I would love to see a link to your blog, as well, if you share it there, because I love to have blogging friends!  

Don't forget to leave a separate comment for each share!

I'm super excited to do my very first giveaway, and if this goes well, I promise I'll continue blogging more diligently & will most definitely be doing more giveaways!
Good As Gold Blog

Tuesday, August 21

Giveaway Time | 3 Month Birchbox Subscription *CLOSED*

I have an exciting announcement to make.  I will no longer be waiting until 50 followers to do my giveaway, I'm going to do it now for the faithful followers on my blog already!

I love you guys!

In case you have forgotten, this giveaway will be for a 3 month Birchbox Subscription! 

BirchBox Giveaway
For those of you who don't know what a BirchBox is, bascially every month you receive a box full of high-end beauty samples right to your door.

I seriously wait impatiently for mine every month. It's like Christmas because you never know what's going to be in it for that month, it's always a surprise! That's right! The lucky winner of this giveaway will win 3 months of beauty product surprises.

To be entered in this Giveaway, you will need to COMMENT ON THIS POST & be a current follower.  Entries will be accepted up until  next Tuesday, the 28th. (Because let's face it, everyone needs a pick-me-up on Tuesdays!)

****ALSO: If you share my giveaway either on your blog, twitter, facebook, etc., leave another comment for each of the places you share my post and let me know how you shared.  I would love to see a link to your blog if you share it there, because I love to have blogging friends!****
Don't forget to leave a separate comment for each share!

The winner will be determined by a random number generator.


Monday, August 20

Bear Lake Weekend

Wow! Do these weeks fly by or what? Every Monday I decide to get my weekend photo post up, and realize that I haven't posted anything in between.  Hmmph!

This week I do have a good excuse, though.  Wednesday was Trevor's 23rd Birthday (Happy Birthday, Babe!), and on Friday, we left for Bear Lake to spend the night with some family.  Of course we built a sand turtle and took many pictures!

Good As Gold Blog

Bear Lake

Bear Lake Raspberry Shake

Good As Gold Blog

B loves T

Baby C 

Beach Day

:: Trev with his six pack abs using only the finest of airbrush materials.
:: The amazing view of the lake. Hardly any editing, it really was that blue! 
:: Bear Lake Raspberry Shakes
:: Sea Turtle Sand Sculptures
:: B <3 T
:: The most chubby & adorable Baby C, Trevor's nephew.
:: Instagram Pic / Sea Shells, Sea Turtle, and a Redneck Chev.

Tuesday, August 14

My Weekend in iPhone Photos

Lagoon Utah

 Carnival Food 

Miss Utah County

Weekends are THE BEST.  Especially long weekends.  Trev & I took the day off on Friday to go to Lagoon, a local theme park here in Utah, with my family.   We enjoyed riding some coasters, eating a lot of junk food, and trying to stay out of the rain.  We really had to laugh because at 21 & *almost* 23 years old, we got queasy after the first few rides... we're turning into old farts.  Still, it was a great time.

We also were able to go watch one of my very best friends, Sarah, compete in the Miss Utah County pageant this weekend.  She did an amazing job, and consistently blew the audience away.  She didn't walk away with the title, but her fan club was by far the loudest and the proudest.

:: Lagoon Day / Sun & Fun!
:: Watching The Colossus
:: Puddle jumping has never been so fun.
:: My very first funnel cake / Devoured
:: Little babies / I seriously wish kittens would stay kittens forever.
:: Interrupted while playing Jump Dewds
:: New Treats from Sephora
:: Art at the Covey Center / "Baby" by Tim Little
:: Miss Utah County with Sarah / looking stunning in white!

Tuesday, August 7

My Weekend in iPhone Photos

The best part of this weekend was a family visit at my aunt and uncles beautiful home in Provo, Utah.  I really should have taken more photos of their amazing landscaping in their backyard... I feel like every time I visit they have a new addition.  We spent time in the pool, which we greatly enjoyed in the midst of the summer heat, and of course, no family party would be complete without burgers and my grandma's Jell-o salad!

Chlorine Green Hair
(Yep... that is chlorine-green hair!)

La Mer Watch Accessories

Good As Gold Blog

Good As Gold Blog
I have also joined the world of Instagram this week!  Follow me @becskar !

Until Later.