Wednesday, September 19

SOS! I Need a Second Opinion

... and maybe a 3rd, 4th, etc.

I'm buying a planner (finally) and I've been waiting and waiting to find the perfect one for me, and I think I've found it.  HOWEVER.  I've reached a dilemma.

I can't decide if I should get the PYTHON cover.

Mom Agenda Python Planner

or the GLITTERY GOLD cover.

Mom Agenda Glittery Gold Planner

Please assist, fellow bloggers!  

Also, I hope everyone is having a great week! Mine has been busy so sorry I've been MIA!  I'll do a real post real soon! ;)

Adorable planners found here.

Thursday, September 6

Zulily Finds | A Wannabe Fashionista on a Budget

Have any of you heard of Zulily before?

This is completely new to me.  I received an email from one of my favorite people, my cousin Christina, inviting me to join this site called Zulily.  I joined not really thinking much of it, because it advertised itself as a site for babies and mom's. To my pleasant surprise, though, I found some AMAZING stuff at some AMAZING deals.

I am now eagerly awaiting my first purchases, and plan on purchasing from them again... and again

...and again.

Here are my three finds from this first experience. I had so many things in my shopping cart but didn't want to spend all of my remaining money on products there, so I narrowed it down to three.  It was difficult, but here are the results:

An orange and fab O'Neill Trailblazer Hobo Bag. {$22.99 - Originally $46}

ONeill Hobo Bag Fashion Blog Good As Gold 
 In honor of Halloween a Raj Imports Orange & White Skull Print Scarf. {$15.99 - Originally $50} I'm dying to get this in the mail. Pun fully intended.

Zulily Raj Imports Skull Scarf Good As Gold Blog

A Raj Imports Turquoise & White Skull Head Wrap {$5.99 - Originally $12}

zulily Raj Imports Head wrap

I did also score a free 8X8 photo book from Shutterfly just for having a Zulily account.

As you can see, this site is extremely useful and helpful for fashionistas on a budget - even for your little ones as well.  

If that's not cool, I don't know what is! 

To create your own Zulily account, click here to sign up and begin shopping - but do your best to not spend your whole paycheck or dip into your savings.  It's tempting, I know, but resistance is key my friends!

Wednesday, September 5

Labor Day Weekender

I hope everyone had a very relaxing Labor Day weekend!  

We spent our 3-day weekend in Fairview, Utah, staying at my grandparent's cabin.  It's been a few years since I've been up to the cabin because I always have to work.


Right now, they're looking to sell the cabin, so I was really glad to be able to spend the weekend there with Trevor and my family to enjoy the last few breaths of Summer!

Good As Gold Blog

Good As Gold Blog Cabin

Good As Gold Blog Camping

Fire Dance

Good As Gold Blog

Fairview, Utah

:: Mini roadtrip, we're on our way!
:: Going for a ride.
:: No better way to enjoy the great outdoors than with a fire and some s'mores!
:: Impromptu dance around the fire.
:: The beautiful view on our Fairview Skyline ride.
{Pictured: Cousin, Alex; Aunt, Ronene; Step-mom, Amy; Myself; Trevor; Sister's Boyfriend, Ben; Sister, Savana}
:: Creatively posing per Amy's request.