Wednesday, September 5

Labor Day Weekender

I hope everyone had a very relaxing Labor Day weekend!  

We spent our 3-day weekend in Fairview, Utah, staying at my grandparent's cabin.  It's been a few years since I've been up to the cabin because I always have to work.


Right now, they're looking to sell the cabin, so I was really glad to be able to spend the weekend there with Trevor and my family to enjoy the last few breaths of Summer!

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Fire Dance

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Fairview, Utah

:: Mini roadtrip, we're on our way!
:: Going for a ride.
:: No better way to enjoy the great outdoors than with a fire and some s'mores!
:: Impromptu dance around the fire.
:: The beautiful view on our Fairview Skyline ride.
{Pictured: Cousin, Alex; Aunt, Ronene; Step-mom, Amy; Myself; Trevor; Sister's Boyfriend, Ben; Sister, Savana}
:: Creatively posing per Amy's request.

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