Wednesday, March 26

I'm Back... Wait What?

A physical picture of my abandoned blog.

 Guys, I just can't stay away from this blog. I think I really like blogging, but I also don't.  I think the reason I don't like blogging is cause I don't have time or resources to create beautiful posts with perfect pictures about my outfit, the food I cooked, my {messy} home, etc.  Those are the things I WANT to blog about... mostly food... but I just can't get a grip. 

I did get a new job, where I'll be traveling via train every day, and maybe that will be a good time for me to put together my posts. Maybe I'll have more time and energy once I have a job I don't loathe.

In the meantime, don't abandon me. I'll be back soon.

P.S. Dear Blog,

I'm sorry I broke up with you. It's me that has the problem, not you. I promise I'll see you again soon and we'll be best friends again.