Wednesday, March 26

I'm Back... Wait What?

A physical picture of my abandoned blog.

 Guys, I just can't stay away from this blog. I think I really like blogging, but I also don't.  I think the reason I don't like blogging is cause I don't have time or resources to create beautiful posts with perfect pictures about my outfit, the food I cooked, my {messy} home, etc.  Those are the things I WANT to blog about... mostly food... but I just can't get a grip. 

I did get a new job, where I'll be traveling via train every day, and maybe that will be a good time for me to put together my posts. Maybe I'll have more time and energy once I have a job I don't loathe.

In the meantime, don't abandon me. I'll be back soon.

P.S. Dear Blog,

I'm sorry I broke up with you. It's me that has the problem, not you. I promise I'll see you again soon and we'll be best friends again.

Thursday, January 2

My Thoughts About 2014

It's a new year.  Time to reflect on who you were on January 1st the previous year, and to see how far you've come.  Time to make new goals for your coming year. I really love New Years Day.  It's so wonderful to have a fresh start, even though REALLY your fresh start could begin any day, there's something about writing a new number every time you date something that is so refreshing.

This year, I'm wanting to figure out what makes me tick. I know I'm a passionate person, but the problem is I'm not quite sure what I'm passionate about.  It seems like I'm passionate about everything! But then when it really comes down to it, maybe nothing? 

Does anyone else feel that way?

I am constantly daydreaming about lives I could live. I would love to work at a zoo, and spend time with the animals, but I don't have the time.  I would love to be a concert pianist, but where to begin? I would love to be a writer, but what would I write?

I would love to travel! I would love to conquer my fear of heights this year! I'd love to start a charity.

But where to begin?

Maybe it's just me holding myself back, but I guess this year is going to be about making the time to do those things, and actually pursuing them. 

Because what are goals if you never intend to conquer them?