Wednesday, September 19

SOS! I Need a Second Opinion

... and maybe a 3rd, 4th, etc.

I'm buying a planner (finally) and I've been waiting and waiting to find the perfect one for me, and I think I've found it.  HOWEVER.  I've reached a dilemma.

I can't decide if I should get the PYTHON cover.

Mom Agenda Python Planner

or the GLITTERY GOLD cover.

Mom Agenda Glittery Gold Planner

Please assist, fellow bloggers!  

Also, I hope everyone is having a great week! Mine has been busy so sorry I've been MIA!  I'll do a real post real soon! ;)

Adorable planners found here.


  1. Glittery Gold. Unless you want to be bold. The python definitely stands out more. I love your cry for help!!

    1. Stina! The gold is so cute and I want it so bad. However, I decided I wanted a full size instead of a mini size, and they didn't have gold. So I went with the python. I feel good about it though ;) Miss you!

  2. Oh i'm a python girl for sure! not in the i can dislocate my jaw, but the I love python pattern kinda way.... :)

  3. I'm always one for (any) animal prints! Good choice :-)

  4. I loooove the glittery/gold one. :)