Tuesday, August 28


Thank you to everyone who has followed my blog and entered to win my first ever giveaway!  I'm so excited to do more giveaways in the future!  This honestly was super tough, even though I used the random number generator. I want to give away 20 Birchbox subscriptions, but unfortunately I can only do one! I guess this can only mean more giveaways to come!!

I know, I know, you're all saying "C'Mon, Becca! Cut to the chase!"  Guys, I'm just really nervous for this, and I'm babbling.  Very sorry!

Now! Without Further Ado....

The winner of the first ever Good as Gold Giveaway Is...


Good As Gold Blog
Good As Gold Giveaway

Congrats Kristi! 

Send me an email ( becbecjohnson@gmail.com ) with your address and I'll order your subscription!

To everyone who entered, Thanks Again!  Having so many people respond is encouraging me to do more giveaways! Yay!

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