Monday, August 27

Giveaway & Sketchy iPhone

Happy Monday, everyone!

I'm so excited to have gained some new followers due to this giveaway! 


Normally on Mondays, I have my weekend update with pictures from our adventures, but this weekend was extremely 'chill', so we really didn't get any good pics in.  Also, my iPhone keeps giving me this message:

iPhone Issues

No matter how many photos & videos I delete, it stays there to mock me.

Anyone know how to fix this? I only have about 100 photos on my 8 GB iPhone, and my storage says I have 4 Gigs left.. c'mon Apple!  

I'm hoping to have this fixed soon so I can (conveniently) take more pics! Help!

**Also!  The winner of the Birchbox Giveaway will be announced TOMORROW!  This is your last chance to get more entries by sharing via Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, etc.  Let me know what you did by commenting on the giveaway post!**

Come back tomorrow for a winner & Good Luck! 


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