Thursday, August 22

A Love Letter to Autumn

Dear Autumn,

My husband is not quite ready for you, but I have already begun preparations by purchasing numerous pumpkin scented candles. I hope this encourages you to come a little sooner than you normally do, as I never feel like I get to spend quite enough time with you each year.

Autumn, you are my favorite season.  You are better than Winter, Spring, or even Summer.  You are the most welcome of all the seasons.  Within your wonderful months come some of my favorite things:  sweaters, blankets, and drives up the canyon.  I have a whole list of things I love about you, but I won't go into that today. I promise to show you lots of kindness when you come to visit for a few months.

I'm ready for the leaves to turn, the air to cool, and for an excuse to make a new soup every night.  It's time, Autumn, for your return.

I miss you, and am eagerly waiting.

Yours truly,


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