Monday, May 6

88 Days & a Weekend Update

Monday! I sure do love you. Well, at least today I do.  We are now down to 88 days on the official wedding count down, and I'm pretty sure it feels like yesterday when we reached 100 days. 

Part of me loves how fast time is going, but part of me is also starting to have random daily fits of panic as I realize how much there is to do between now and August 2nd.

I mean, we haven't even taken engagements yet for heaven sakes!  (On the calendar for May 16th, though.  I'm beyond excited.)

This weekend was pretty laid back, I don't have any exciting stories or photos, but to give you an idea of how things went... here's a post weekend recap. (Mostly for me so I feel a LITTLE productive..)

Friday: Talked to insurance agent, got discount on car insurance & also a quote for Trevor.  I was satisfied when I found that my insurance is a whole $20 a month cheaper than his.  I realize this mostly is due to the fact that he is a male in his early 20's, but Trevor wins at everything, so I take what I can.

Saturday: Got my hair done (thanks, mom!).  Helped my little sister get ready for prom.  She looked beautiful, and I felt like a winner.

Don't they ALL look great? She had the best group.

Sunday: Went to church.  Made some dinner for me and my bestie, and got some date time with Trevor.

So, really, it was a pretty average weekend... I'll hopefully have some more exciting events next week to share (if I share them at all, really... sorry little blog!)

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