Friday, May 10

Weekend Plans & Made by Girl

It's Friday, and this weekend is going to be extremely productive.  I can hardly wait to get stuff DONE.

First of all, I got paid today, and I'm sure all of you can relate when I say that there are a few things on my list I have had to wait for because I needed some money. (I do not live in a rich man's world... unfortunately, although I do enjoy ABBA) For example: I am 300 miles over my oil change mileage limit... and about a month over the date limit.  Yeah, my poor car is probably really unhappy. 

Also, engagement photos are happening this coming Thursday and I couldn't be more excited!  Trevor has agreed to let me have a makeover this week, so I'm getting my hair done, and investing in a set of extensions.  Haters gonna hate, but my hair is too thin and grows too slow for me.  Also, I'm still a pageant girl by heart, so wearing someone else's hair is like second nature to me.

Lastly, I'm sure you've all heard of the Made by Girl Blog.  If you haven't, you've got to check it out. Links Galore!

Anyway, Jen Ramos (the editor of Made by Girl) is an extremely talented artist, and I'm obsessed with her prints and paintings.  A lot of them actually inspired my wedding colors.

I actually just splurged and bought the foil prints, both the LOVE print, and the Paris 4 pack.  I'm very excited to incorporate these things into my wedding.  You can find all these items at her shop.  Or you can simply click here.


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