Tuesday, February 5

Valentines Day Traditions

Vintage Valentines Card

Valentines Day is quickly approaching!  Between all the wedding planning, home buying, and nail biting I've been doing, I've hardly even thought about this glorious little holiday.  Trevor and I are planning on laying low this year.  We'll probably just celebrate on Friday with extra yummy & chocolatey treats, maybe a little snuggling, a good movie.

Even though we're not doing anything too out of the ordinary for this holiday, I have been daydreaming about traditions I may want to start.  I've thought of movies to watch year after year, meals to make, even places to go.  I need more ideas, though.

What are your Valentines Day traditions?

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    1. Well thank you for following me! If you have any tricks of the trade, I'm all ears ;) Have a great weekend!