Wednesday, February 6

I'm Not a Wedding Planner!

I've been trying really hard to blog more lately.  I am so full of so many emotions at the moment, I'm finding it appealing to write & share, yet so difficult to get what I want to say into actual words. 

If I were to tell you I am completely at ease with planning this wedding, I would be lying.  I've been having headaches, losing sleep, and am just plain out exhausted.  I am so excited to be married to my best friend, but this whole wedding reception thing is a beast.  And OH so expensive, might I add.

I've been feeling a little guilty, because I know that this should be such a fun time!  I mean, we're only going to be engaged once in our life together, right? Trevor is holding it together like a champ, working overtime at his job (which is a bit miserable for him -- Thanks, babe!), keeping in touch with our realtor, and also taking any tasks off of my hands that may just push me over the edge. So efficient. 

Anyway, here are a few inspiration points for our wedding:

Coral Wedding Inspiration

Candle Centerpiece

Wedding Centerpieces Inspiration

Does anyone have any wedding planning advice for us?  The wedding is 6 months away, so I have tons of time, but I just can't help but stress.


  1. Okay so I know I keep giving you advice, but what can I say... I was going through all this a year ago!

    It's hard to work within a budget, but seriously, 99% of people have to. That helped me a lot is knowing what I could afford and then trying to stick to those plans, or else money gets stressful.

    Also, just remember that up until the day of your wedding (and maybe even after) you'll probably be thinking, oh I should have done this! Or, that would have been cute! Whatever. Your wedding can have a million possibilities and you have to narrow it down to one ... so just remember that you're not alone. It's okay if you don't have absolutely everything you'd want, no one ever will!

    Thinking about indoors/outdoors for a reception will help narrow it down, thinking about what kind of food you want, whether its simply ice cream or a full-blown meal... etc. I made a list of all that I needed to do in four months and slowly (but surely), everything was eventually crossed off! it's stressful as can be, and emotions will be running high... but just be so grateful you found someone who you love to spend the rest of your life with! that's the most difficult part of all :)

    1. Kels. It's always GREAT to get advice from you. You are one of my role models. Truly.

      Also, thanks for those tips. It has helped me to prioritize a bit, and I think I've been able to get a little more direction on what I want! I've been so wishy washy about planning, but I think it's just because there's always the unknown.

      You are so true about being grateful for even getting to be married! It's so exciting as well! I need to focus more on that and the temple. That always seems to calm my nerves. Love ya!

  2. Get a decorator! they take care of the details, set up and take down! I'm a huge fan of silk flowers too. I can give you the name of the lady who did mine if you want. Just message me on FB. I love weddings!

    1. Michelle that sounds great! Message me her info and I'll check it out! Thank you so much! I always love getting your comments.

      Also, you have the cutest baby in the world. Seriously! You lucky lil mama ;)

  3. I've planned two weddings of my own (the first was a biggie and the second was a bit simpler) and helped with countless others. My biggest advice is to enjoy it. Enjoy the planning. Don't stress. All that matters is that you're married at the end of the day. Everything else is just details. You'll be a beautiful bride!

    1. Thank you for the advice, Abby! It's such a relief to hear experiences & advice from others who have planned their own weddings before. I think I'm learning to enjoy it more. :) You are so sweet. I love that we've only met in person once, but you are always super supportive. Thank you :)