Thursday, February 14

A Valentines Post for Trevor

Happy Valentines Day, Trev!  

I'm so excited this is our 2nd Valentines Day, and am excited for 100 more to come!  Want to know some things I love about you?

* You are hilarious.  Always making me laugh (or at least trying... sorry I get grumpy sometimes).

* You put up with my picture taking.  I know you don't love it (see above photo...), but you still let me take your picture, because you know it's important to me.

* You are so selfless and loving.  I know for a fact that you would do ANYTHING for me.  You are the same way with your family, friends, and even coworkers.  You are so kind.

* You are extremely determined, dedicated, and hardworking.  You are putting in so much overtime at work to provide for us & to work towards the position you want at the company.  I know you will always provide for us and our little future family.

* You are so handsome.  I also love that you care about the way you look.  You always look your best no matter what we're doing.  It also doesn't hurt that you love the gym. ;)

* You are a gentleman through and through.

I love you as much as two rockets going opposite directions in space. You are the love of my life, and I can't wait to marry you on August 2nd. It's going to be unreal!

Happy Valentines Day, Babe! Love, your Becca Boo.

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