Monday, February 18

My Dream Job Would Be...

Sometimes when I am at work, I like to daydream about jobs that I wish I had.  I like to imagine that money is no object (maybe an unknown & wealthy relative has died and left me their estate..? Or maybe we win the lottery...) and that I could work wherever I wanted to.

I think the job that would make me the most happy would be to work at a zoo.  Yep, that's right.

A Zoo.  

I know that I would fit right in.  I picture myself wearing some great safari gear, kind of like Scarlett in "We Bought a Zoo", and I would know everything about every single animal there. I would spend my days feeding the giraffes, giving the elephants a bath, and bantering with the guest.  Someone else would take care of the nasty that comes back out of the animals... that job is not for me.

I'm sure that's not really how working at a zoo would be, but this is my dream job.
I create it how I want it. ;)

Comment below and share what your dream job would be! Blogging is about sharing, and I want to get to know my followers better, too!


  1. My dream job other then being a stay at home mommy would have to be one of the head people to help organize and carry out humanitarian projects in foreign countries. Great way to see the world and help out those less fortunate then myself.

    1. That would seriously be an amazing and fulfilling job! I seriously respect people who take time out of their lives for something like that. Amazing!

  2. I would want the same job! I've always wanted to work at a zoo!