Wednesday, February 13

Chad Braithwaite is Shooting my Wedding!!

Hey there! How is everyone's week going to far?

Wednesday, or "hump day", is my favorite day of the week.  I love that I have 2 days behind me, and 2 days ahead of me before the weekend.

I'm especially excited today, because Trev & I booked our photographer last night.  Chad Braithwaite at Faces Photography will be doing all of our photos for the wedding and I am BEYOND excited.  I think Trevor is getting sick of listening to me talk about how relieved I am that Chad is going to be doing our photos.

Chad Braithwaite Faces Photography

Check out his site here.  And if you ever decide to book him for head shots, family photos, or your wedding, let him know that I sent ya and he'll make sure you're extra taken care of.

Actually, he'd probably do that anyway. He's that great. 

But anyway, I just wanted to express my love & joy for getting Chad booked for photos, and to wish everyone a happy hump day!


  1. Trust me... I am just as happy you called me :)