Tuesday, February 21

Guest Post: A Guy's Take On 10 Fashion Dont's

This post is from my friend, Chris at Chris's Normal Life. We decided to swap posts, and I asked him to write about fashion donts (from a guy's perspective). Enjoy!

I was asked by Becca to write 10 fashion don'ts from the guys point of view. Why do you care what I think?
  1. I am a guy

  2. I would consider myself fairly stylish

  3. I took design classes and have an eye for it

  4. I am observant and opinionated

  5. I have made several trips to Europe...they are usually a year or so ahead of us as far as fashion is concerned.

Fashion Faux Pas

Again this top 10 is coming from a guy who thinks of a girl as a girl not a trophy, goal, or piece of meat. You may not agree with some of my picks, but again that is the difference between a guy and girl. The first 5 are in part because I know how guys think, where as the last 5 are just plain don'ts. Here are the top 10 don'ts:

  1. The biggest turn off for me is when a girl's thong or underwear is showing. I realize that most girls probably don't realize it's showing when it is, but don't wear clothes that don't cover you enough and the problem is solved.

  2. To follow that showing too much skin is a big turn off (Unless you are looking for someone to think of you as an object and not a human.) Short shirts, skirts, low cut, spaghetti strap, etc unless you are going to the beach is sort of trashy. Not just trashy but it shows you have low self esteem and are easy prey. Examples: Bandeau tops, booty shorts, mesh tops, skirts that even if you cross yourself you will be showing the world to someone...This includes short skirts with bare legs. It doesn't look good nor does it attract the right type of guy unless you are looking for someone wanting to date you briefly and dump you as soon as something "better" comes along.

  3. Pants or shorts with words on your butt...the guy isn't just trying to sound out the word. He is checking you out, and not in a way that you would want him to.

  4. Tights or leggings as pants/Clothing too tight. No this is an incredible fad that will hopefully end soon. Why even wear clothes at that point? We can see everything. Just because their is cloth covering your skin doesn't mean that you are really dressed. (Example: Wet T-shirt, sheer/mesh clothes. Just no. Plus they don't really go well with anything.)

  5. This one should be obvious, but I have seen it more times then I can count. Wearing white when your underwear isn't. Yeah we can tell not only what color you are wearing but everything else. I also know that your excuse for doing it is probably something along the lines of: "Oh opps I didn't even know" or "I didn't even think about it." We both know those are most likely untruths.

  6. Rarely (if at all) wear slippers or pajamas outside. I know you might think it looks, cute but unless the guy already thinks you are attractive it's usually a turn off. Or turn on for the wrong reasons.

  7. Miss-matched socks...If you are wearing boots you can get away with it, but anything else not so much...that is all.

  8. Shoe category - platform flip flops, Uggs, and jelly shoes or crocks. No, ugh (short for ugly), and definitely no!

  9. Two styles that have emerged that I wish would disappear as fast as they showed up are tunics as dresses and dresses over jeans. Tunics already look weird. They look worse by themselves, and dresses over jeans makes it look like you are trying to hard to stand out or be creative or you ran out of clean shirts in your closet. No matter the reason it doesn't work. Wear a coat, it accomplishes the same thing except looks better.

  10. Last, at least on this list is what I would like to call "the headache". It's best described as miss-matching patterns or multiple bright colors that clash. (Example: Leopard and stripes, polka-dots, or anything, Layering where each layer has it's own texture or pattern, etc)

Again you can take these suggestions as suggestions, because they are my opinions. I will tell you that I am not alone in these opinions though. I don't bring them up to make you all self contentious, more to make sure you don't have to be. Follow these simple things and you will be fine (both meanings of the term :)!

Alright everyone, remember to check out my post at his blog as well! Look forward to more posts like this soon, and hopefully another post geared toward dont's for guys ;)


  1. I like this post! I always ask my husband what looks good on me, because he's an average onlooker, and when I get all caught up in color blocking, then I try it - he's the first to say... no go!