Tuesday, February 28

Cake, Birthdays, and a Countdown.

What am I doing tonight?
Oh, you know, just eating some cake.
But only a little bit. . .

Okay, maybe I'm eating a lot of cake. At 11 PM. BUT I have a great excuse.
In fact, I have a few good excuses.


#1. It is my mother's birthday today. (Happy Birthday Momma!)
#2. It is double fudge, my favorite flavor.
#3. I didn't have time to eat dinner because I was rushing to the mall to get my mom her birthday present.
#4. I just came to the realization that Miss Utah is in 3 Months & 11 days.

You may be saying to yourself "I understand reasons 1, 2, & 3... but what does Miss Utah have to do with anything?"

Well, I'm competing in the Miss Utah Scholarship Pageant on June 11th-16th. & I am excited, might I add. So, I am having one last celebratory late night snack, and then working it all off at the gym tomorrow night.

Yes, getting into shape is a huge part of my preparations for this competition, along with working on my service platform (more on that later), practicing hours and hours of piano, keeping up on politics & news (CNN sends me updates on my phone all day), and then of course the really fun stuff: wardrobe. We pageant girls really do keep busy.

You will probably be hearing way more about all of my preparations as the time is counting down to the competition, but for now, what's really important is that I again say:

Happy Birthday to the BEST,
and GENEROUS mother

I lubba you.

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