Thursday, February 2

Free Makeup? Count me in!

One of my FAVORITE things in the world is makeup. I really like buying new makeup products to see what works best for me. I'm not necessarily a pro by any means (I've seen a lot of other people that can do the cat eyeliner WAY better than me...) but I like to pretend.
e.l.f. mineral eyeshadow

Anyway, one of my very favorite brands, e.l.f., is having a KILLER deal right now on their website, and I really wanted to share this amazing news with you. So, the deal is you can choose to either get 10 (yes 10!!) free (yes FREE!!) mineral eyeshadows (a $30 VALUE!!) with the purchase of $25 of product on their site. Just type in the promo code DELIGHT at checkout! OR you can get free shipping (a $7 value, wah wah)with the promo code SHIP25.

Pretty much I was in makeup heaven. I purchased 4 lipsticks, 2 makeup brushes, and 10 mineral shadows for $30. It was a killer deal. I definitely wanted to share this amazing information with all of you, and think you should take advantage of this opportunity before the 6th of Feb, which is when the deal ends.

Also, keep me updated on any awesome fashion deals you may find as well. I think this relationship will work best if we keep eachother informed ;)

images via e.l.f.
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  1. I found a killer make up deal.

    I made up stuff for free... Like I'm a millionaire. That's made up.