Thursday, November 21

Blog Update | A Change of Pace

Dear Family & Friends,

I have been blogging on and off on this personal blog, covering my favorite products, a few random goings on in my life, and to be honest, have found it very dull and boring.  I was trying to be like those other bloggers with their perfect lives and well thought out posts.  But really, it wasn't too interesting to me. So, here I am again, with another blog attempt, but this time I'm going to be talking about things that I am much better at talking about... myself!  Well, myself and my best friend, Trevor.

To give you an update post-wedding, we are living in the most perfect townhome near Thanksgiving Point.  It's perfect for us, but it is far from being truly perfect.  It's perfect in the sense that it has a lot of potential, so we have been spending a lot of our time daydreaming and putting into action various projects around the house.

After numerous trips to The Home Depot, Ikea, and Target, we've been able to get our main level pretty well homey.  With this year's coming tax return, we will be replacing our tile and carpet with engineered wood flooring, and then all that will be left is the finishing touches to make it truly homey.  Our basement is a completely different story, and will be a huge project for us this coming summer, but we are beyond excited for the potential there.

We are both going to be starting school this Spring.  Trevor has taken two semesters at UVU, then put his schooling on pause as he got his new job at Fidelity Investments in September 2012.  The few months between September and January were spent religiously studying for his brokerage licensing exams, then of course our wedding was on the horizon.  So, long story short, he will now be picking up where he left off and delving into his finance degree at UVU.  His educational goals include getting an MBA eventually with an emphasis in finance... I think. Fidelity will be paying for 90% of his tuition, so we are feeling extremely blessed.

As for me, I will be attending SLCC (it is WAY more affordable than UVU) and focusing on music. FINALLY.  This is something I have wanted to do for so long, but have never really thought it was a practical dream. However, nothing else has seemed right, and after prayerfully thinking through my goals and priorities, I've decided a piano performance degree would be the best fit for myself.  I am beyond excited, and we just purchased a piano of our very own.  It needs a little TLC, but it's full of character.  Photos to come.

We have also been very busy with our callings in church.  We were both called as primary teachers, and have been teaching a class of eight very energetic, but adorable, 6 & 7 year olds.  It's been a blast, but didn't last too long, as I was just called as the Primary Secretary.  There are 240 kids in our primary, and I am feeling the pressure, but I know that the Lord will help me to stay organized and the presidency is fabulous as well, so I am extremely excited for my new calling.

All in all, things have been very good as we have been enjoying the process of settling into our own life together, and we are so excited for the next several years as we plan for changes to our home, careers, and family.  Love you all!

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  1. I love that picture!! And I love it when you blog. Sounds like life is going so well, I'm sure one day I will hear that you're a famous pianist who travels around the world :)