Monday, November 25

Weekend Snapshots and Gratitude

We always look forward to weekends at the Evans house.  I mean, really, who doesn't, but we REALLY look forward to our weekends.  It's when we get to catch up on laundry from the week, dishes that have been sitting in the sink for a day or two too long, and of course when all the work is done, it's time to play! 

This weekend was no different.  As soon as I got off work this Friday, I headed down to Spanish Fork, taught a piano lesson, then picked up my three youngest siblings for a sleepover.  We picked up a bake at home pizza at Walmart, a Redbox movie, and headed home for a cozy night in.  It was a blast, and if you haven't seen the Croods, you really, really need to.  Plus, the voice of Eep, the leading lady, is my number one chicka, Emma Stone.  Doesn't get much better than that!

Saturday, Trevor headed to primary program practice, while I taught Zach and Addie lessons and we watched lots of Arthur. It was the perfect Saturday Morning... plus, we had pancakes for breakfast.  Delish!

For the last big event on Saturday, we took a wonderful Ikea trip and purchased a bed frame, FINALLY.  No more slumpy mattress for us.  It's been great so far, except the gigantic bruise I have on my hip from running into the footboard.  It will take awhile to get used to, but we are definitely classier people now. 

Phew! I think those are all the updates from this weekend.  It was an eventful couple of days, but we loved it. 

I thought today, since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I would share a few things that I am thankful for. Since I'm not a huge fan of "one a day" gratitude posts on Facebook, I'm sharing a few here. Because I am grateful, just not on Facebook. K thanks.

First and foremost: I am of course grateful for my husband.  I have to start there, because I have a million reasons to be so thankful for him.  He works so hard, even when work is tough and unfair.  He is so patient with me, even when I'm mean and unfair. And really, he's the funniest person I know. It's ridiculous how many times a day I have to say "STOP! I can't breathe!" in between laughs.

Next, I'm grateful for our home & neighbors.  It was scary buying a home, especially in an area where we really don't know anyone.  But so far, the experience has been more than we could have asked for. Our ward is great, and already have us very involved in callings.  It's great to feel needed and to be around great people, and we are definitely surrounded.

I'm grateful for my family. Both my immediate family, and the inlaws.  You always hear about people complaining about their inlaws, but Trevor and I are always talking about how much we both lucked out.  We have great families, and they're our best friends.

I'm grateful for a body that is healthy and happy.  There have been so many things lately which have really made me grateful for mine and Trevor's health. I am constantly praying for others who may not be so fortunate, but it does help me to keep things in perspective of how blessed we are to not be struggling in our lives at this time. 

And lastly, I am grateful for the love of Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father.  I am grateful for our temple marriage, and that we were able to make the decision to be sealed there this past August.  God truly is great, and we have felt quite the outpouring of blessings and love since our decision to make it to the temple together.

I hope everyone has a great week counting their blessings, and being grateful for everything we have to enjoy this season. What are you grateful for?

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