Monday, January 30

A Post! A *New* Post! & Finding Shoes on a Budget

The thought occurred to me today "hmm, B, you haven't blogged in quite some time". I then expressed this to one of my coworkers, and he agreed that now would be a good time to create another post. I'm a terrible blogger!

Today while I was at work, I became totally obsessed with finding shoes to wear with my new black sequin cocktail dress from Ruche.

(You can visit their site here)

I'll definitely be blogging more about my fab sequin find later, but for today I want to talk about my amazing (and affordable) shoe finds.

Generally I don't like to pay more than about $50 for a REALLY irresistible pair of stilettos. I'm a semi-frugal lady, and these ones fit my budget just fine, so I'm going to share them with the rest of you lovely ladies who want style on a dime.

Qupid Mary Jane Pump

$35 Qupids found here

Betsey Johnson Neon Pink Pump

$41.27 Betsey Johnsons found here

Betsey Johnson Neon Blue Pump

$44.39 Betsey Johnsons found here

And my splurge (drumroll please!):

Qupid Studded Pump
$85 Qupids found Here

I want to buy them all, but alas my car payment & other bills have gotten in the way, I can only choose one. Which pair is your favorite?

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