Tuesday, January 3

All About B.

First and foremost, welcome to my blog!

Here's a list of things you should know about me...

My name is Becca, aka 'B'. I live in a small town in the beautiful & dry state of Utah with my parents (for the moment) and my 5 younger siblings. I also have a dad & step mom that live in a little farm town a little ways away, with 3 siblings over there. I'm one lucky gal!

I work as a coach at an internet coaching business teaching clients how to make money online. The job is okay, but the people here are great!

I compete in pageants through the Miss America Organization, and I absolutely love it. I started my senior year of high school just for the scholarship money, and have been hooked ever since.

I kind of crack myself up. All the time.

I'm a huge fan of the sun. Not a fan of the cold, but thanks to tanning beds and lots of sleep/movies, I make it through the cold and dreary months here during the Utah winters!

My boyfriend is awesome & blonde. He loves me and thinks I'm really funny. Nuff said.

I really enjoy food. I enjoy cooking it, looking at it, decorating it, pinning it (on Pinterest of course), smelling it, buying it, blogging about it, and most definitely love eating it.

I plan on going to school at a local university majoring in behavioral science, but my secret ambition is to be come an event planner/caterer.

Other things I love:



Playing the piano (a lot).




.... Well, then.

I think that's just about it.

If you have any other questions or comments, they are welcomed with open arms!

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  1. hey cute girl :) i just saw your comment and i'm so glad you discovered me! hey, i just want you to know, regardless of ALL the drama that has gone down the past few years, i am SO, SO, SO sorry for my part in all of it. i have been uber immature about everything... and this is a weird place to give an apology... on your blog... haha, but i'm sorry girl, honestly. i love you to pieces and it's so fun to see how you're doing. i hope everything is going ah-ma-zing for you, and i love you! always. xoxoxoxoxo.