Monday, January 9

The New Years Resolution Revolution {2012 Edition}

It is the New Year! I hope that in between your sparkling beverage of choice, new years kiss, and watching GaGa counting down in NYC, you found time to make some resolutions for 2012!

I know I had made quite a few goals for myself for the coming year, some I'll probably keep, some I most likely won't. Some of the resolutions I'd like to keep are:

1. Pay off my student loans. 2. Establish a substantial savings account. 3. Get Healthy. 4. Do well at Miss Utah. 5. Go to the gym at least twice a week. 6. Begin playing the piano more. 7. Get 100 followers on my blog. 8. Pray more. Etc... Etc...

One of my biggest New Year's Resolutions is to stop eating fast food more than once a week. I eat fast food probably 5-7 days a week. Don't judge me, it's an addiction.

{ I'm eating a corn dog and some tots from Sonic as I am typing this post... ahh corn dogs how will I live without you? }

Also, because I am competing at the Miss Utah Pageant again this year, I really need to be physically fit { Did Real to Reel's "I like to move it" just get stuck in anyone else's head just barely? } and ready to rock that two piece!

There are obviously many, many more things that could always be improved on, but these are my biggies for the new year!.

Does anyone else have some fabulous new years goals they'd like to share?

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