Monday, December 2

Currently. . .

Making : My Christmas list for Trevor.  I'm way excited for some of the things I'm bookmarking!
Cooking : has been lacking.  I've struggled to find things I'm excited to cook lately, but I did cook a chicken in the crock pot yesterday that is waiting to be devoured.
Drinking : water.  I just ate my own weight in tater tots and am feeling pretty lousy.  No soda for this chicka right now.
Reading : Gone Girl. I just started it, and have loved it so far!
Wanting : a million dollars to spend on Christmas decorations! Specifically at Target.
Looking: for the perfect White Elephant gifts. 
Playing: Plants vs. Zombies. . . again.
Wasting: a lot of time watching How I Met Your Mother.
Sewing: projects are in the works for some great curtains!
Wishing: it was still the weekend!
Enjoying: lots of family time.
Waiting: for a good snowstorm!
Liking: my new Ox-Blood colored nail polish!
Wondering: what Christmas gifts will be under our tree this year!
Loving: spending this holiday season with my husband.
Hoping: my moisturizer gets shipped out quickly! I am completely out!
Marveling: at how blessed we are, and how real God's love is.
Needing: a long winter's nap!
Smelling: coffee brewing here in the office.
Wearing: lots of sweaters.
Following: our Christmas budget. It's just so tough to not buy EVERYTHING in sight! (Do you see why Trevor is in charge of finances? :)
Noticing: that my keyboard is actually really dirty.
Knowing: that Christmas is only 23 days away! I have Christmas on the brain.
Thinking: about all the things I need to get done this week.
Feeling: so grateful for my family & friends.  I have the greatest people in my life!
Bookmarking: Trevor's gifts!
Opening: my piano studio!
Giggling: at this series of videos. Seriously, they never cease to make me pee my pants.


  1. Love this post and I love Christmas too!!

  2. i have Christmas on the brain too. SO excited! and i have had HIMYM in my netflix queue forever and still havent started it, i think it's because i know i will be hooked!

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