Thursday, September 19


Making : a home.
Cooking : anything and everything in the crock pot.
Drinking : lots and lots of simply orange juice!
Reading: Bossypants by Tina Fey.
Wanting: Fall to come a little quicker.
Looking: for the perfect Autumn wreath.
Playing: Plants vs. Zombies.... 24/7
Wasting: A lot of time playing ^^
Wishing: for a long weekend.
Enjoying: time with my new husband.
Waiting: for payday.
Liking: eBay goodies.
Wondering: what I should have for dinner.
Loving: sleeping with extra blankets.
Hoping: this rain doesn't stop!
Marveling: at how wonderful marriage is.
Needing: a bubble bath.
Smelling: crisp, cook air.
Wearing: my new Forever 21 sweater and denim button up.
Following: too many cute blogs!  I will never measure up!
Noticing: I need to paint my nails.
Knowing: I probably won't paint them until next week.
Thinking: of my list of to dos.
Feeling: a little overwhelmed.
Bookmarking: videos to show Trevor.
Opening: lots of packages in the mail.
Giggling: at everything lately!  Life is too good!
Feeling: very content. :)

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