Monday, January 28

Lazy Mondays & a To Do List

Hammock on Beach Wedding Monday

Monday, Monday.  Here you are yet again.

I'm feeling like I need a vacay already, and we've still got 4 days until the weekend. I'm probably especially feeling that way because I am creating my weekly to-do list.  Maybe I should start creating those at the beginning of my weekend so I can procrastinate a few days before beginning?

1. Contact wedding venue to schedule walk-through of the space.
2. Call Mom to tell her what you scheduled. 
3. Try to hit the gym 3 times this week.  You can do it!
4. Deposit cash.
5. Budget for groceries.  Go grocery shopping.
6. Contact Golds Gym to ask why they raised your rate by $15.  Jerks.
7. Begin looking for wedding decor.
8. Have girls night.
9. Get a higher tax return. You can do it!
10. Remind Trev of his to-do list. (He really never needs reminding.  He's the best.)

I have posted photos from Trevor's proposal on Facebook, and will share those here soon.

Does anyone else feel like work is getting harder and harder to go to every day? I always get into a January slump. I just want to take a week off, and plan all things wedding. But, alas, I have to work so we can actually pay for things.  Weird how that works, isn't it?

I hope you don't get sick of my wedding updates, but it's just too much fun.  Last week I was feeling a little overwhelmed, but after a much needed pow-wow with my mom, I'm nothing but excited to plan this thing.

More updates soon!  I have an inspiration-board in the works and can't wait to show it to you all.

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