Wednesday, November 21

Lucky vs. Blessed

Lately I've been thinking a lot about blessings.  

Often times, I think to myself "Oh, she's so lucky" or "I wish I could travel, they're so lucky to be so carefree."  But then I realize, they are not lucky, they are blessed.  Just changing my mental vocabulary has helped me to see life in an entirely different way.  As I am telling myself that others are being blessed rather than have "luck", my thought process changes and the bitterness or jealousy melts away.

I think it's something about remembering that we all have our challenges, and that I need to allow God to bless others however he pleases.  It also is a constant reminder to me that I am also extremely blessed.

I really have so much to be grateful for this year:

Good As Gold Best Friends

Miss Utah Piano

LDS Missionaries We Love You Elder Terry

Miss Utah 2012 Evening Gown

LDS Missionaries Provo Temple

Good As Gold Blog

That being said, whether you believe in God or not, I think we can all try a little harder to remember the things that we are given, especially this time of year.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!
Good As Gold Blog

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  1. You look so happy in the photos :) Yup we should be thankful for the blessings in our lives..