Friday, April 6

Giveaway Announcement, Round 2

Okay everyone. Huddle around.

As you can see, I haven't done my giveaway yet... which saddens me because I am SUPER excited about it! I think that if I had an idea CHOSEN, maybe you'd be a little more interested?

I do have an announcement to make, the giveaway now has a face!

I will be giving away a

3 Month subscription to BirchBox !!


For those of you who don't know what a BirchBox is, bascially every month you receive a box full of high-end beauty samples right to your door.

I seriously wait impatiently for mine every month. It's like Christmas because you never know what's going to be in it for that month, it's always a surprise! That's right! The lucky winner of this giveaway will win 3 months of beauty product surprises.

To win this giveaway, you have to be a [public] follower of my blog, and comment on this post so I know you are paying attention ;)

If you want to have an additional entry, you can snag my button and put it onto your blog. For a THIRD entry, share this giveaway on your blog or Facebook account.

Leave a comment here letting me know you've done one or the other (or both),
and I'll put you in with an additional entry.

Remember, I won't be doing this giveaway until I have 50 followers. So share & follow so we can give this awesome subscription away!


  1. OH my fetch that would be the coolest thing to win :) I love beauty products :) *sigh*

  2. Great blog structure.

    I would love to follow your beautiful blog! <3 maybe we can follow each other?