Monday, March 4

Hey Monday! What's the Haps?

How was everyone's weekend?  To be honest, mine went by WAY too fast.  I seriously don't know if I did anything productive.  Goal for this week? Have a productive weekend.  Yeah!

How do you like my new layout?  I do think it could still use some improvement, but it's a work in progress.  I'm doing everything myself so there's a lot of trial & error going on in these parts.  I am NOT blogger savvy... yet.

So, that being said, if you happen to check my blog on a daily basis (because my blog is so incredibly entertaining), and you're realizing things are seeming a little schizophrenic, you'll know why. 

Trev and I put a bid on a house this past week, so we're crossing our fingers it goes through!  We're ready to know where we're going to be living for the next 5-10 years, or as Trevor and I say, for the first 2-3 kids.  Our future kidlets are the determining factor in our living situation, we're so excited to have babies in 2... no, 5... no. 10 years.

Also, I just barely checked my online banking as I was writing this post - pro multitasker here - and saw that my tax return has already been deposited.  Thank you and no thank you to the government.

No thank you for the taxes, and yes thank you for the new summer wardrobe!

No? There's still snow on the ground? I'm being a little over ambitious?

Okay fine.

But how cute are these swimmies?!?!  

Simba, Anna & Boy, Matthew Williamson

*Click on each item for details*


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  2. I love them! The one on the far right needs me to own it. Maybe we're fashion soul mates?? Is that too forward? ;)

    1. Lyss. I think we are indeed fashion soul mates. I frickin frackin love your face!!