Thursday, December 13

Christmas Traditions

I love this time of year.  Really, though, who doesn't? There is something about the abundance of lights, yard decor - both classy and just plain over the top, gift giving & receiving, and plenty of baking that makes this time of year especially magic to me.

This will most likely be my last Christmas not married (and no, this is NOT an announcement... yet), and it's making me think a lot about traditions I want to start with my future family.

You know what I'm talking about, those things that you absolutely have to do or you end up with that PHD.

Not the degree, silly!  Post Holiday Depression. 

Do you have any great traditions?

  • For me, every year I absolutely must go to the Festival of Lights, and of course, the annual light parade to welcome in the season. 
  • I better open some new jammies on Christmas eve, and get a kick out of my siblings acting out the nativity story while my dad reads directly from the bible.
  • I have to drink some of my mom's homemade cocoa, and eat orange rolls on Christmas morning. 
  • I need to receive an ornament to add to the tree, and a chocolate orange must be found in my stocking. 
  • I need to enjoy my grandma's beautiful Christmas tree, and sing carols around her piano.
  • And heaven forbid we forget to make gingerbread houses.  Of course those are an absolute must!
  • I really enjoy thinking of traditions I want to keep for my future children. I imagine them having an attachment to our traditions just like I do with the traditions my parents have started for our family.

What types of traditions are you planning to enjoy with your own family this year?  Or how about traditions you are planning on starting in the future?

12 days and counting!  

Try not to forget the whole reason for the season, and remember that Christmas is it's own tradition, celebrating the greatest gift any of us have ever received.

Happy Holidays! 

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